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These nasty tendencies remain part

By arrangement with Dawn.There remains no consensus on our direction and goals, and no effort at building one.Some cruel little boys torment insects by pulling out their wings. Nobody appears to accept responsibility for his release and travel abroad.It is this last attitude that had probably motivated the government into preventing Nawaz Sharif from seeking medical treatment abroad. Thus, even though the legal process to enable Sharif to leave the country has been completed, he has run into a tangle of red tape spun by NAB and the Cabinet.Welcome to the New Pakistan. Others think this viciousness is part of their job of controlling those in their power. But despite our many reservations about this controversial institution, it remains an essential bond that’s holding the country together. Occasionally, these nasty tendencies remain part of a person’s character, and inflicting suffering gives him a perverse pleasure.

Clearly, this case is a hot potato, but somebody needs to step up as Sharif is far too ill to be treated like a political football. He was arrested and jailed. His comment that our media is freer than its British counterpart would have been laughable had it not been so ridiculous. Although I’m no doctor, I, too, have a low platelet count (though mercifully not as low as Sharif’s), and can attest to the fatigue and energy loss this causes. (The Lahore high court on November 16 ordered the Imran Khan government to remove Nawaz Sharif’s name from the Exit Control List. The whole business of demanding an outrageous surety bond of `7 billion reeks of ransom.)Many in the government and the so-called punditry pooh-pooh Sharif’s medical condition as minor, and as a ploy to escape the many legal cases he faces.

But Imran Khan’s arrogant and perpetually angry temperament excludes such a possibility.Just as we have a duopoly of power between a seemingly elected government and the security establishment, the government appears to share authority with the judiciary. This government, with its narrow agenda of vendetta and vindictiveness, seems incapable of addressing the huge problems that face the country. I just hope they never suffer from this ailment.A depressing sign of his intolerance is evident in the chemical anchors ongoing crackdown on the media. Once a video went viral showing a young French Algerian torturing a cat. TV interviews are pulled off the air in midstream, and some anchors banned.While we sink deeper into the hole we have dug for ourselves, the establishment remains the elephant in the room. A leader with an open mind and a big heart would have been more generous to his political rivals to bring them closer

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Where did you get all this wealth from

Read: J&K moves resolution on GST to make it applicable retaining special statusJammu and Kashmir is the only state which is yet to implement the GST, which came into force in rest of the country on July 1."Stop attacking each other.Responding to the accusation, the NC lawmaker said he had done nothing wrong as obtaining GST registrations had no legal validity in view of non-implementation of the new tax system in the state. You started from selling mobil oil."Maine tax ki chori nahi ki hai (I have not indulged in tax evasion)," Rana said.The remark came during a heated argument between the minister and the opposition MLA.He claimed that while Rana was opposing the GST in the Assembly, while he has already migrated his businesses to the new taxation regime.. People might strip you when you go out."Several senior NC MLAs joined the issue.

Srinagar: "I can lynch you here," Jammu and Kashmir minister Imran Ansari told National Conference leader Devender Rana in the Legislative Assembly during a discussion on implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). There is no bigger thief than you. I know all your shady businesses.He also read out the provisional GST registration numbers of various businesses owned by Rana and his family.The minister for information technology, technical education and youth services and sports, interrupted and accused Rana of "double standards". Mr Rana, while taking part in the discussion on the GST regime, said members of House should rise above "political considerations" and agree upon what is good for the state and its people.

Where did you get all this wealth from?"Rana, who kept his cool, responded: "Many like me can be sacrificed at the altar of safeguarding the interests of Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone has a right to express his opinion. This is nonsense. toggle bolts Ali Mohammad Sagar, the senior-most member of the House, told the minister, "If you have planned to silence him (Rana), you are mistaken."Deputy Speaker Nazir Ahmad Gurezi hit out at both the opposition and the treasury members for "wasting the public money".To this, an infuriated Ansari said: "I can lynch you here. Stop it!" he said.He opposed the GST in its current form, saying it would render the special status of the state as a "hollow husk"

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Surely you would appreciate that such

New Delhi: Deciding not to attend the government meeting on one nation, one election concept, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday said without a comprehensive vision document, the idea would merely be a slogan."We note with concern the lack of vision document, policy draft or white paper on the proposed concept of one nation, one poll or simultaneous polls.."It is inconsistent with fixing anchors for sale the basic tenets of Parliamentary democracy, which are grounded in a government gaining legitimacy from one election to the next by being able to prove its majority," he said. It will certainly not be Parliamentary democracy..Chadha said indeed, this precept applies not merely to states but the Centre as well. Under a simultaneous elections regime, whether by an amendment to the statue or by mere design, will the people of the state have to wait till the Lok Sabha elections to get another democratically elected state assembly?"What if the waiting period is one or two years or more; is the State expected to be beholden to the Union government for elections to its State?

Surely you would appreciate that such a situation goes against the very grain of political autonomy under our federal structure.in the absence of a clear basis/vision, it would be futile for any political party to comment on the merits or the demerits of a proposal such as this."."Were one to suppose a Union government losing its majority during the five-year electoral cycle, presently, either a new government will be formed, or the President will call for fresh elections if no party/group is able to demonstrate its majority."However, does the simultaneous polls regime expect the Republic to remain under presidents rule for the remaining duration of five year period under the advice of a council of ministers drawn presumably from a defunct Lok Sabha? Or would the state legislatures be expected to be dissolved so as to call for fresh elections despite having the confidence of its citizens? We feel compelled to term such a situation as a constitutional oligarchy if that.

The AAP raised some questions on one nation, one poll concept, saying, "As the law stands, if a government chooses to dissolve itself, or loses its majority, the Governor, acting on behalf of the President of the Republic, will be obliged either to call upon another party/coalition to form the government, or must perforce call for fresh elections. Presently, it is merely a slogan; one that has been debated on television based on the subjective and personal understanding of commentators and news anchors," he said."Chadha said it hardly needs observing that keeping a moribund assembly in a state of suspended animation while the governor rules the state, obviously under the guidance from the Centre, until the next predetermined election dates roll around, is anathema to the democratic spirit of the Constitution.In a letter to Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahalad Joshi, AAP national Spokesperson Raghav Chadha said there are various concerns on the issue and sought a vision document or a white paper on it so that an informed discussion can take place

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Women develop cellulite because they have

The combination of larger fat lobules pushing the skin upwards and less collagen anchors that offer little resistance to the upward pressure of fat, gives the appearance of cellulite.” To fight cellulite, “obviously you have to reduce the size of the fat lobules and increase skin collagen,” said Tzenichristos, “which, in practice, means more everyday movement, more exercise, less calorie intake [there goes your favourite snack] and more collagen-boosting foods, such as vegetables, berries, herbs and lean protein.” Also, “avoiding hormonal contraception can also prevent further deterioration of connective tissue and enlargement of fat lobules," Tzenichristos suggested.“Poor blood circulation does not help either,” said Dr Edwin.Dr Edwin Anthony, Medical Director at EA Clinic said, “Increasing the fat percentage in your body will certainly not help with cellulite occurrence. And the society with its construct of ‘oh-so-spotless’ skin gets to many.

Tzenichristos explained that, “Women develop cellulite because they have weaker connective tissue and larger fat cells, due to the effect of female hormones. And, too much sun exposure ages the skin prematurely weakening the skin’s elasticity making cellulite more obvious,” he added. “It results is less nutrition getting through, leading to the skin weakening and allowing fat cells to push through. But what causes cellulite? There have been countless theories on the causes of cellulite, right from the extremely absurd ones (like ‘chocolate’ causes it) to weird ones (like ‘leggings’ could have to do with it). China wholesale fix-bolts factory “Men are actually less careful with their diet, alcohol and smoking.Ageing leads to breakdown of collagen, and is thus responsible for cellulite formation. Nicotine in cigarettes result in poor blood circulation, for example.One such issue seems to be cellulite. So the body stores back-up food reserves for possible lactation in hips and thighs.

The best part is, claims of cellulite being caused by sedentary lifestyles and poor diets have been proven false. Pushing a baby out of your body and feeding it need some solid energy. Men, on the other hand, have much stronger connective tissue and much less subcutaneous fat, so they normally do not develop cellulite. So if someone had to have lots of cellulite because of high consumption of toxins, that would have to be men, not women,” Tzenichristos further said.” As Glamour exemplifies, like Trump, cellulite is a little bit sexist. A new study took into consideration these and a few other spurious myths to decipher realistic reasons for women having cellulite.Women have larger fat cells thanks to their capability to give birth.Body ‘issues’ are often a major reason behind women being diffident.. Yet, the media has been blessed with some women who are flaunting their true selves, making others understand that their body is totally their business. The skin tends to lose elasticity with age. “The theory that cellulite is caused by trapped toxins is an internet myth,” said cellulite specialist Georgios Tzenichristos

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Since Mr Vaghela has been the chief minister and has

The Gujarat state unit feels that inactivity or indecisiveness will cost the party dearly. What is adding to the despair in the party is that while PM Narendra Modi and BJP party president Amit Shah have already started holding road show and rallies, the Congress’ hand is nowhere to be seen. Presently the Patels are about 1. And, according to reports, his rallies drew crowds of more than five lakh people. The Gujarat unit of the Congress feels that it will be beneficial for the party if a face anchors its efforts in the state, as was the case in the recently concluded Assembly elections in Punjab.”. The state unit feels that despite the fact that elections are round the corner, there is no clarity from the top on how to take on the Modi-Shah juggernaut. Gujarat goes to polls at the end of 2017.

If insiders are to be believed, the BJP is working very hard to woo both Mr Vaghela and Mr Patel.5 crore out of Gujarat’s six crore population. Sources say that Mr Hardik and the Congress both want a pre-poll alliance to stop the saffron juggernaut. Though he denies this openly, social media is abuzz with proof of his ambition.New Delhi: As the Congress party hurtles from one disaster to another desertion, there is a growing sense of disquiet in Gujarat Congress. In Gujarat political circles, Mr Vaghela is known as “Bapu”. Handles like “Bapu for CM” are rather active on Facebook and Twitter. But the Congress is mum on the issue.According to party wholesale anchor bolts insiders, the two most crucial issues on which the party has not been able to make up its mind, and which have the potential to cost them dearly, are the twin issue of Shankarsinh Vaghela (Bapu) and Hardik Patel.The second issue is 23-year-old Hardik Patel who successfully started a campaign for getting reservation for the influential Patel community in the state.

Since Mr Vaghela has been the chief minister and has a pan-Gujarat appeal, a sizeable chunk prefers him.In 2015, he was holding rallies against the BJP state and central governments. Also, some Congress legislators are keeping a keen eye on the situation and may make a pragmatic choice.Several options are on the table, from having common candidates with Mr Hardik’s outfit to having him join the Congress.Mr Vaghela, 76, is keen to be projected as the CM candidate of the Congress.Mr Patel has openly challenged the BJP and its top leadership and has vowed to finish them off in the state. But what is adding to the discomfiture of the state unit is that the central leadership is yet to take a call on the issue. As one senior leader of the Congress said, “Already we have lost time, we have to move now, and move quickly.Several Congress MLAs of the state have also conveyed to the general secretary in-charge of Gujarat, Gurudas Kamat, that Mr Vaghela should be named for the top job

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The India Art Fair on the other hand is essentially

This also ensured that the art was more affordable in terms of pricing points. This will also mean that the architects can give a certain direction to what is Made in India reaches India and Indians. But I liked the idea of having it over two weeks so that spring nuts enough time was there for the public to experience it.The flip side was that on the day President Ram Nath Kovind came, there was a lot of action and activity, subsequent days there were long spells of lull as with any show. The NSCI grounds where it is held does have metro connectivity but it remains a fact that it is in the southern most corner of the city and from where one parks and gets in is a long walk — almost like any big city airport — except I wonder if it is required? Unfortunately even this was not adequately publicised. It has been bought over by a German company and the Indian and foreign galleries chosen by its promoters for participation are the ones who toe this aesthetic line. I have a problem with that for the simple reason that Indian art is already going through a tough time as far as survival of artists is concerned, by promoting sensibilities that are evidentially not Indian will only result in further alienating Indian art from its potential buyers. A major problem is that there seems to be a major shift towards promoting western sensibilities of art. There were no entry fees either. I can only shake my pretty head in horror!

Why can’t the design incorporate the paintings as a part of the larger whole so that there is aesthetic synergy and our art gets support? For art to become part of the domestic landscape to leave a better cultural imprint aesthetically speaking it needs support from within us Indians.In this case it was genuinely better for many reasons.The India Art Fair on the other hand is essentially a galleries’ affair for only they are in a position to afford the steep participation fees. Since the Kala Mela was targeting the artists for its stalls and not galleries, it was far better in terms of its participation fee structure, the stalls were affordable, the division of space was judicious, accessibility was immense as it was in the heart of town, it was happening at IGNCA another big art institution so there was synergy there too, the buyers could actually speak to the artists without gallery intervention and request for site specific works and sizes. Are all the stakeholders of the arts: artists, government mandarins, corporate giants with CSR budgets, architects, interior designers and most of all, the end users or consumers on the same page? I wish you were…The writer is an art writer, curator and artist and can be contacted on alkaraghuvanshi@yahoo.As it is one is fed up of Indian architects and interior designers bringing in cheap Chinese and South East Asian (read Thai and Balinese) art in heaps and decorating even high end homes with it, and this mind you when they make their clients spend several lakhs on furniture, fancy wall papers and finishing including gold leafing, how come they all want to skimp on the last and the most evident part of the wall —what is on its foreground rather than what is the background!

The same people who don’t bat an eyelid when buying several five lakh rupee beds each, want to put some cheap Chinese churn-out of two thousand rupees on a gold leafed wall.I personally preferred the Lalit Kala Akademi organised Kala Mela for many reasons: First and foremost that it was organised by the autonomous apex national organisation of Indian art and not some foreign multinational.Comparisons are odious but unfortunately inevitable sometimes.com. The tempo could have been kept more buoyant with enough media coverage and advertising. Still administrator LKA Krishna Setty deserves kudos for carrying the idea through in a very systematic manner. This will actually go a long way in ensuring the survival of the modern Indian art and its creators.Evenings saw performances by folk and traditional artistes too so that there was an attempt to see the arts as a complete whole.There was little that was Indian there so why bother calling it India Art Fair? Entry tickets at Rs 600 were steep, in fact the promoters would have made a killing on the entry tickets alone. Now that the euphoria about the two art fairs namely the India Art Fair and the Kala Mela that were running concurrently, is ebbing, it is probably time to assess the situation of the fairs and their economic and art and aesthetic roles and how far they have come to achieve them. I am patriotic enough to want our people to make the right attempt even if they falter a bit rather than some swashbuckling multinational playing with our mindsets and sensibilities

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They have laid down the launch map for

k. When the VIVE was announced a few years ago, it was all the rage.Samsung’s ‘The Wall’. Well, since we have the amazing out of the way opportunity, here’s what didn’t light up our eyes with excitement at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Let that sink in. In conjunction with Acer, ASUS and HP, NVIDIA has unveiled the new Big Format Gaming Display. Gigabyte teased their top-end motherboard for this series and they feature actual physical heat sinks for the VRM, something that is going to lend lag screw anchors itself immensely to lowering temperatures on the new systems sporting these awesome motherboards. However, now, a couple of years into its life, the whole VR sector in terms of gaming has been a little underwhelming.For those of you who are fans of gaming peripherals that resemble transformers, well Mad Catz is back after going bankrupt with a range of new hardware that includes a new wireless RAT Air mouse, a Strike 4 keyboard and Freq 4 Gaming headset.

Again, not one for subtlety, the wall is a 146 inch TV, yes, it’s quite literally a wall and features a new display panel technology called microLED which it claims is far superior to OLED.0, these CPUs are going to be on a 12 nm dye and promise on bringing more improvements to IPC along with clock speeds and thermals. You now have a display which can double as a pretty capable gaming machine in and of itself along with drive your favourite games in the glorious 4K master race provided you have beefy enough hardware. This has been primarily due to the extremely high cost of entry for the new tech, with the device itself along with the hardware required to drive it properly being insanely expensive, as well as a lack of a variety in the games on offer for the platform. Since my preferences in peripherals are less ‘futuristic’ I have never much taken to MAD Catz’s design philosophy, however, for those of you missing the ultra-robotic and futuristic design language, get hyped!And lastly we have HTC.. They have laid down the launch map for their CPUs for the year and the most exciting bit of news is that a Ryzen refresh is coming in April 2018. Still on the AM4 socket, AMD has announced Ryzen 2. As has been the trend of years past, our favourite companies are showing off their latest wow factor goodies one after the other leaving our jaws to drag along the floor as we peruse what each of them has to offer.

That’s right, it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.Announcements that made an impactThis year it’s all gaga over innovations and huge displaysIt’s that time of the year again when us tech freaks get giddy with anticipation as we see what the year ahead holds in store for us in terms of all the transistor induced goodness that the companies throw at us. The new BFGDs are 65 inch, 4K 120Hz IPS panels with a built in NVIDIA Shield.Next up we have an exciting announcement from Team Red, a. While intel is going through the whole Meltdown debacle, and NVIDIA is going large with the BFGD, AMD is going small.NVIDIA is no alien to innovation and has consistently managed to wow us via their partner brands year in year out with some tech or the other, this year, is definitely the year of the displays.a. While the TV is impressive, it’s limited by, well, practicality, however, I am curious to see how the new display panel technology evolves.Here are some of the announcements that will definitely leave you, the gamer, on the edge of your seat, unable to wait till these technological monstrosities hit the store shelves near you. This is accompanied by a new motherboard line as well, namely the X470 series of motherboards. While people who have invested in VR and more specifically in the VIVE, will be thrilled to hear that the device is set to receive a whopping 78 per cent increase in resolution, to those who don’t care about or can’t afford VR (which is a significant share of the gaming audience) this news will definitely be falling on deaf ears.CES 2018 goes over the topThis year, the biggies didn’t light up the gaming scenarioEvery year CES gives us tech that we daydream about, along with some that fall a little short of the mark, either because they are too ambitious and you know that it’s not going to be worth the while or money, or it just doesn’t resonate with your personal taste. AMD

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